Fun way to keep your little ones busy this weekend

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We love our kids, they are the apple of our eye, we will all agree. They are charming, can make us laugh, we can feel their affection and, all in all, we can't really imagine our lives without them. However, as much as we love them, the excessive amount of energy they have during holidays can be a bit overwhelming at times, right? You can never go wrong with chocolate and balloons when it comes to kids. So, if you feel your little ones are giving you a headache, try making these adorable and delicious chocolate cups and let your kids feel like real chefs.  

1. Making chocolate cups 

All you need for this fun and yummy activity are balloons, melted chocolate and  any of your kids' favorite ice creams or fruit.

Blow up some balloons, melt chocolate and while it is still warm, place the balloon into melted chocolate so you get a cup shape. When the chocolate has cooled down, pop the balloon, fill the cups with any of your kid's favorite sweets. 

For more fun, mix melted white chocolate with food colors and make a rainbow cup. Finish with adding some ice cream, strawberries and whip cream on top. 

Mmmmm, fun and yummy! 

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